Intelligent monitoring of the road transport network
Road network problems
Road traffic impediment
The most common road traffic violation types causing road traffic impediments are double parking and parking at public transport stops.

One car violating parking rules may block the road traffic for a long time.

Automatic capturing of parking and stopping rules violations creates unacceptable conditions for potential violators.
Neglecting pedestrian safety, lawn damage
Marked crosswalks, sidewalks and lawns should be safe and should be reserved exclusively for pedestrians. Compliance with road traffic rules is instilled in drivers by constant suppression of violations. Online violations detection will not let unscrupulous drivers escape responsibility.
Impediment to public cleansing
Cars parked on the side of the road, especially in winter, impede public cleansing, as well as garbage and snow removal. Street parking management will increase utilities efficiency. Compliance with the requirements of road signs will allow to free up sections of streets for cleaning.
Automatic parking violations detection complex
The software and analytical complex SOVA provides ample opportunities to detect parking and stopping rules violations and transfer materials automatically to the authorities.

Cameras "see" digital street model and identify violations, even if certain objects are temporarily hidden by other cars.

The flexible SOVA settings system allows you to set the necessary parameters for detecting several types of violations with an individual time interval, as well as to ensure that the received materials are sent to several recipients depending on jurisdiction.

Large camera coverage area (sector with a radius of up to 0,15 km), compared with alternative solutions (radius up to 0,035 km).
150 m
Operation mode
Special features:
  • 360° overview;
  • maximum visibility range — 150 m;
  • 24/7 operation mode;
  • captures 26 types of road traffic rules violations;
  • works without street lighting.
  • Frame size — 1920×1080 (Full HD);
  • License plate recognition range — up to 150 m;
  • Camera axis-turning — 360°;
  • 20х optical zoom;
  • Battery life without external power supply — 6 hours;
  • Power supply voltage — 220V;
  • Power consumption — 30W;
  • Used communication channels — 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi;
  • Operating temperature range — −40..+50 °С;
  • Computation module case dimensions — 40×21×16 cm;
  • Complex installation is carried out on power transmission towers at a height of — from 6 m.
  • anti-vandal case with mount;
  • computatione module;
  • GPS/GLONASS receiver;
  • communication module;
  • camera;
  • power supply;
  • battery;
  • antennas;
  • software.
● обзор — 360°;
● максимальная дальность — 150 м;
● режим работы — 24/7;
● фиксирует 26 видов нарушений ПДД;
● работает в условиях отсутствия освещения.
Технические характеристики
● размер кадра — 1920×1080 (Full HD);
● дальность распознавания ГРЗ — до 150 м;
● вращение камеры вокруг своей оси — 360°;
● кратность приближения объекта — 20x;
● время автономной работы без внешнего источника питания — до 4 ч;
● напряжение питания от сети — 220 В;
● потребляемая мощность — до 60 Вт;
● используемые каналы связи — 3G/LTE/Wi-Fi;
● диапазон рабочих температур — −30..+50 °С;
● размеры корпуса вычислительного модуля — 435×260×220 мм;
● монтаж комплекса осуществляется на опорах ЛЭП на высоте — от 6 м.
● антивандальный корпус с креплением;
● вычислительный модуль;
● GPS/ГЛОНАСС-приемник;
● модуль связи;
● камера;
● блок питания;
● АКБ;
● антенны;
● программное обеспечение.
Technological advantages
Technological advantages
SOVA captures 26 violation types:
1. "No stopping" sign violation.
2. "No parking" sign violation.
3. Stop on the "yellow line".
4. Unpaid parking.
5. Parking on the sidewalk.
6. Parking at a pedestrian crossing.
7. Parking on the lawn.

8. Parking in the pedestrian zone.
9. Parking on the cycle track.
10. Double parking
11. Parking at the intersection.
12. Parking for electric cars.
13. Stopping at intersection with box junction.
14. Stopping at the transport lane
15. Parking at the bus stop.
In progress:
1. Parking in the taxi area.
2. Parking in a handicapped zone.
3. Parking method violating.
4. Parking outside marked squares.
5. Stop behind the stop line.
6. Driving through the pedestrian zone.
7. Driving in front of a pedestrian.
8. Driving on the lawn.
9. No parking on even calendar dates.
10. No parking on odd calendar dates.
11. Violation of prohibitory traffic sign.
1. Certificate of attestation of the measurement methodology of "All-Russian Research Institute of the Metrological Service" —

2. Certificate of verification of the "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Physico-Technical and Radio-Technical Measurements" —

3. Certificate of software registration —

4. Certificate of Conformity of "All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of the Metrological Service" —

5. Certificate of Conformity "Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Metrology" —


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LLC "Gorodskiye Parkovki"
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+7 (4722) 777−250
[email protected]